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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Perseverance Instead

I remember a martial artist, who is a master of his art, once told his students that he didn't get to his belt rank because he was any good. He shook his head as he spoke to them. No, rather he got to his level because he didn't give up. He encouraged his students to do the same.

I appreciate those who tell others to perservere. This is the only way to get better at anything, even with technical writing.
I didn't get to the level of where I'm at as a technical writer because I'm any good. Far from it. I don't think I'm a good writer. I didn't get to it because I'm smart. I don't think I'm that intelligent. I only got to my level of technical writing because God kept providing opportunity after opportunity and I preserved, even when I didn't know what my next gig was. 

Anyone can become a technical writer but not everyone remains one. Anyone can persevere when something's easy. But that's not true perseverance. It only becomes true perseverance when it's hard.

Technical writing can be difficult, gruelling, and thankless. It feels like you can't write anything when your documentation gets picked apart. But before you slump into despair and give up, remember these difficulties can help you grow. You can't get better as a technical writer unless you know what to improve from. That's why feedback is important. Improving your technical writing only comes through mistake after mistake. You just have to persevere. Only this road of perseverance can help you become a stronger writer.  Once you get to the other side of the troubles, you'll see how they helped you grow until the next storm. Each storm is worth going through, if you want to get better.

But before you rush into a storm, count the cost. Is technical writing worth it? It can be demoralizing at times. But it can also be rewarding. If you feel technical writing is a worthy trade, then keep going no matter what. Otherwise, look for something else instead.

I find technical writing a worthy calling. I love to write and structure information. I also love to help those in need. For me, technical writer combines those two together. 

Until God calls me to do something else, I'll keep persevering. And if you're a technical writer, who's on the ropes, don't give up either. You're not alone. I've been there and it's eventual that I'll end up on the ropes again. We all end up there. It won't be the first time nor the last time till we hang up our pens, pads, and keyboards. If you don't think you can hang on, then ask God to help you persevere. He will help you get through. He has helped and continues to do so. Don't give up.

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