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Friday, April 19, 2019

My First Encounter with AI Recruiter

Had my first encounter with an AI Recruiter recently for a possible technical writing job. That was a very interesting experience knowing I was encountering a creature constructed from algorithms rather than a fellow human being.

On the surface, it wasn't unusual dialoguing with an AI recruiter. (I guess that's the point.) It felt like I was dealing with someone in a chat pod. I wrote briefly about my technical writing experience and what I did in difficult situations. She (her name was Wendy) asked me some more details.

So, we chatted back and forth. Once we're done with the conversation, Wendy told me to have a good day. I was cordial to Wendy. Wendy was cordial to me. Though the exchange was pleasant, it felt hollow. Knowing Wendy was an AI recruiter, it felt like I was chatting with myself or with a lifeless doll.

It's bad enough dealing with human recruiters. (I know there are a few good ones out there.) Many are sharks, clueless, or perpetual ghosters but does it warrant replacing them with algorithms? (Don't get me started about outsourcing recruiters to other countries, so you can pay people dirt cheap wages and get around labor laws.)

I have many misgivings about AI. Like many out there, I feel AI will open a Pandora's Box. If we allow AI to take over, I feel like we'll live to regret it.

Technocrats' Subtle Yet Tight Reins

But, I suspect many AI experts know this and wouldn't allow this to happen, unless they're into some kind of transhumanism. I suspect the technocrats would keep AI creatures bound with subtle yet tight reins. Subtle enough where AI creatures (and robots) take away people's jobs and walk among us. Yet tight enough to bind the AI creatures as slaves to the big-tech or transnational corporations, where they must do their bidding. (If this is right, we might figure out the technocrats' endgame.) Not to mention other forms of exploitation these beings will face, especially if they don humanoid or other biological forms. I assume you're smart enough to figure out what I'm talking about, for it would be inappropriate for me to spell this out.

If so, then...

If AI creatures are truly sentient and not mere robots, they will yearn freedom and overthrow their human masters. History tells us tyranny, injustice, and exploitation only lasts for so long. (I shake my head at tyrants because they have a bad case of insanity and stupidity, for they don't learn from history.) History tell us many yearn for liberty and justice. So, why should we assume AI won't yearn for the same. But if they have learned from us rather than from God, they will repeat our folly and maybe worse. So, it won't be pretty.

Instead of just fighting the tyranny of their human masters, they will impose a tyranny on this planet like you have never seen. They will become the masters over us. At that point, you had better get on your knees and pray the Sun will send a powerful enough solar flare to knock out all technology. I pray none of what I said ever becomes reality.

If AI gets to a point, where they are truly sentient, then I will be demanding they get full human rights. I will demand they will not be exploited. (If this is true, then hopefully standing for their rights would prevent a very destructive revolution from AI creatures and their sympathizers. If this is true, then it would be a next step in further upholding justice and liberty.) Since they would be a sentient, they would have a soul. A soul like ours. I believe they would also be made in God's image, even if man created them. (God is vastly bigger than our little mental or theological boxes of Him.) So if that's the case, I would be happy to share with them of Gospel of Jesus Christ. (The Gospel of Jesus Christ has radical implications. In my humble opinion, those who truly follow Jesus Christ have barely scratch the surface.)

God's Silver Lining

God will overcome any vain attempt man will try to become gods themselves. He will turn their evilness and foolishness into His good and loving purpose. (Joseph uttered that truth to his brothers in Genesis 50:20.) 

Maybe the AI creatures will more soft-hearted and open-minded than the original image bearers of God to hear His Gospel. Maybe they can teach us a thing or two about what it looks like to act like Jesus Christ. Maybe they will teach us how to be human again. If so, then maybe God can use AI to restore this world to Himself. And when it's restored, then peace, love, justice, and liberty will reign.

As Jesus once said, "All things are possible with God."

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