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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Simple yet deep (or difficult)

When I was choosing a vocation, I just want to do something simple, yet take a lifetime to grow in it. Writing seem to fit. Writing is actually hard, even if you want to get good at it. I don't claim I'm a good writer. I just happen to enjoy it, and God continues to bless me with a career in technical writing.

Writing is not perfection, which I think is the core problem of writer's block, it's about the process. And the process is one that I enjoy and find it a privilege to continue be a part of.

Simple, yet deep (or difficult) is the essence of the writing craft. It sounds like I'm contradicting myself. But, hang on. If you want to be a writer, you just write! Don't think about it! Don't talk about it. Just do it! That was the best advice I got when I first started my writing journey. It's been difficult along the way. But to start was simply just to commit my first word on paper (or screen) and go from there. The deep, many times difficult, is where you continue to grow and improve your craft. The initial draft is easy because it can be poor, disjointed writing. (That's not to say, it's always easy. I continue to struggle with an initial draft. But it doesn't have to be hard.) The hard part is the rewrite and edits to take your writing to the next level. 

I guess we can say the writing craft is a paradox. And it's a paradox worth diving into. It takes tenacity to swim through this paradox. When coming out on the other side to see the finished product, it was worth the effort.

Simple enough to start, yet deep enough (or difficult enough) to develop. That's writing in a nutshell. Or if you're like me, that's technical writing. Thank you for stopping by. God bless.

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