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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Grateful for the Little Things

Warning: The following post is not my typical thoughts on technical writing. It's some reflections on life. So, if you're looking for more technical writing related, please wait till next time or look at the previous stuff.

I'm grateful for the little things in life. 

I'm grateful for my family. I'm grateful for my wife. She's really a gift from the Lord. She reminds me of what's described in the book of Proverbs (e.g., Proverbs 18:22 , Proverbs 19:14, and Proverbs 31). I'm grateful for my children. As it says in Psalms 127, they too are gifts from the Lord. I'm blessed to have them.

I'm grateful I'm alive. I'm grateful I have food, running water, and shelter. These things many people around the world lack, while we take these these things for granted.

I'm grateful my health has improved over the past couple of years. There was a time it was painful to walk and had to go through physical therapy twice. Now, I can kickbox. Though much older and still have aches and strains and I'm nowhere any good at kickboxing, I never felt more stronger and in shape. However it lasts, I'll be grateful.

I'm grateful I had a technical writing career for over 20 years. Whether it'll continue, only God knows. I'm grateful for the experience of it, even with the pain, conflict, hangups, and trials that came with it. If it finally ends, then I would be grateful that I had a long run.

I'm grateful I published a novel. With my wife's help and the Lord's, I was able to bring a manuscript tucked away for so long into the light. Whether my works in progress get published or not, I'm grateful for the one I put out. I'm okay whether I put out other books or not. If not, then Lord willing, I'll find a way to continue to write.

I'm grateful I live in an area where it's freer than where I came from before. It's far from perfect and much more difficult to get to things I like to do. But I get a better peace of mind, more liberty, and more likely to encounter nature than where I lived before. These things money can't buy. So, I treasure them.

I'm grateful I got to pick up the guitar again after so many years. Though I'm nowhere near any good, I'm grateful I was able to afford a low-end acoustic guitar. But more so, my kids and I get to play together and make music. Doesn't matter how good. The fact I get to play and play with them is what I'm grateful for. I'm also grateful I can express myself through music.

I'm grateful for Lichess. Though I'm nowhere any good at chess, I'm grateful Lichess made an app that's made Chess accessible and on the go. I get to play more often, especially with the Chess puzzles. My kids appreciate playing Chess and some variants through this app with me. 

I'm grateful for coffee. I enjoy grinding own beans and the aroma from it. I enjoy  brewing a fresh cup and the taste doesn't disappoint. Like many technical writers and other writers, coffee is fuel to get me going in crafting my work. There's nothing like a good cup of black coffee. 

I'm grateful for this little blog. Though no one really reads this blog, I'm just grateful I have this tiny corner to write on. I'm happy to help those on their technical writing, or writing, journey. Though I'm ambivalent about technology and its effects it has on our world, I'm grateful technology has allowed me to create a little ole blog. If it weren't for technology, doing something like this would have been very difficult to do. I have no illusions about anyone caring what I have to say. I also have no illusions this blog ever take off. But, I'm just grateful I'm here. And if what I write here helps someone in a little way, then I'm just happy to help. Even if my technical writing career completely dies or if I never put out another book, I still have this place to write. So yes, I'm grateful for this blog.

I can go on but who wants to read an endless list? So, I'll leave you with a final but most important.

I'm grateful to God. I'm grateful that His mercy and grace allowed me and anyone else who's willing to enter into His Kingdom. I'm grateful for His salvation, which costed Him dearly. I'm grateful He continues to provide, even when it looks bleak. I'm grateful He allows me to continue to live another day. I'm grateful God sustains every moment of my being. I'm grateful of all the beauty He made in this world and beyond. I'm grateful for all He made and that He holds this universe together. 

I'm not blind to the fact this is a very broken and cruel world. But it won't do me anyone or myself any good to simply complain and let the anger fester. If I do, I'll become some bitter old man and will sour relationships with others, including with God. What good will that do? I'll just do what the Apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 4:26-27 and be constructive with my anger.

Will being thankful for all the little things in life change the world and make it a better place? I doubt it. But it gives me strength to face life and how to better respond to it. 

Life is too short to squander on regrets, vanity, stupidity, or bitterness. I rather seek God's Kingdom, make my family a priority, do the best I can as a writer to help others, and be grateful for the little things in life. 

If it's just little things I get in life, then it's enough for me and I'm grateful for them. 
But maybe it's a mistake to call these little things.

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