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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Strange Creatures

People are truly strange creatures. They will disappoint you. They will turn on you. They will abandon you. They will unfriend you, using FB terms, even if you've done nothing to hurt them and have been there to support them.

However, there are those who will be there for you even when you don't expect it. The truest friends may be people you pass by each time and not give a second thought. Maybe they are different from you but will stand shoulder to shoulder with you when you need it. And those that are like you will leave you in the dust. Maybe the people you have dismissed already will actually be someone you can trust. Or, maybe some you thought you can trust ends up dismissing you.

You never know with people. People may surprise you whether for good or for bad.

And if you're married, the friendship you need to seek primarily is your spouse. He or she must be or become your best friend. Your spouse is your true confidant, your true partner, your friend who will be there all the other "friends" vanished into the ether. Friends will be there for a season. Your spouse will be for life. And, God will there be for eternity. 

Going back to others, people may drift apart because either one or both friends change. Or, maybe it has nothing to do with you but they have circumstances they are going through. Major life changes and shifts in direction greatly affect things. Or, it is simply the case that some people just don't click with each other. It is unfortunate but that's life. Who knows.

In any case, we need to be graceful and understand that people are just that, people. They are flawed and messy. And we are too.

Understanding this can help us understand why things we create are flawed and need refinement from time to time. This includes documentation. We can have a clear, well-written, and accurate document but it's not perfect. Guess what, it won't be.

The human experience is truly strange one indeed.


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